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Who to advice after changing your name

After changing your name by Deed Poll, you must notify everyone that has your personal records to let them know you have changed your name. Government departments and agencies such as the Passport Office, DVLA and Inland Revenue will need to see your original Deed Poll document (or certified copy) as will your bank, building society and credit card companies. Most other companies and organisations will accept a photocopy. If you have changed the name of your child, you will also be required to provide the letter of consent, which we return when we send you your Deed Poll.

Listed below are many of the companies and organisations you need to advise of your change of name. Our Deed Poll Pack contains a more comprehensive list together with notes about what you need to do for each.

  • – Employer.
  • – Inland Revenue for tax and NI records (obtain your reference and tax office address from your employer).
  • – School/college/university.
  • – Doctor.
  • – Dentist.
  • – Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (driving licence and vehicle registration document).
  • – Passport Office.
  • – Bank.
  • – Building Society (mortgage and/or savings accounts).
  • – Utility companies (water, sewage, electricity, gas).
  • – Telephone company.
  • – Mobile telephone company.
  • – Local authority (council tax and electoral register).
  • – TV Licensing office.
  • – Credit card and store charge-card companies.
  • – Finance/loan companies.
  • – Premium Bond office.
  • – Investment companies.
  • – Companies you have shares in.
  • – Pension company.
  • – Insurance companies (e.g. motor, medical, life, endowments, buildings, contents, extended warranties etc).
  • – Mail-order companies.
  • – Motoring organisations.
  • – Professional institutes and bodies.
  • – Clubs, societies and associations.
  • – Internet Service Provider.

Sample Letter

We have provided a sample letter below, which you may wish to use when writing to the above.

Your address



Dear Sirs,

Account No. / Policy No. / National Insurance No. / Ref No.

I wish to advise you that following my change of name by Deed Poll, my name has changed from previous name to new name. Please amend your records accordingly.


Please find enclosed a copy of my Deed Poll. If you require sight of the original, or require further information, please let me know.

Yours faithfully,

Sign using your new name

Print your new name

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