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The “Quickie” Divorce MYTH!!

How do celebrities obtain a “quickie Divorce”?

It is often suggested that celebrities have obtained a “quickie divorce”. So how does this appear possible for them, but not for you?

In reality there is no such thing as a “quickie divorce” ever in this Country. You are required to follow a specific Court process. There are no shortcuts available. If you are both in agreement, we can obtain a divorce in 4 months. But we are reliant on the other side and the Court not delaying matters. If you’re not in agreement, it can take much longer.

There are usually other issues surrounding the actual divorce itself to consider, such as financial and children issues. Where these issues are complicated, or are being fought over, a divorce can take up to a year, or even several years. Consider also, the costs involved if your divorce is protracted. Indeed, there are some Financial matters where you would be worse off if a Decree Absolute was granted too quickly.

To obtain your divorce, you will need to submit divorce papers and follow the set legal and court process. If time is of a concern, you will need to factor in waiting time as documents are submitted and considered by the court. Court attendances (unusual except for Children or Financial matters) or hearings take additional time. Only once the District Judge in charge of your matter is happy everything is in place, can your divorce proceed. The final step, from Decree Nisi to Decree Absolute takes a minimum of 6 weeks and 1 day.

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