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Instruction Sheet For Change Of Name Deed

A change of Name Deed must be witnessed at the time the Deed is signed. The witness must be:

  • Over 18 years old
  • A British citizen
  • Resident in the UK.

Your child or spouse must NOT witness the Deed.

The witnesses must sign their usual signature, then print their name, putting their address and occupation, where appropriate. THEY SHOULD NOT BE RELATED TO YOU.

Please DATE the Change of Name Deed where indicated.

N.B. For security of the Deed, we suggest that you firmly attach your birth certificate to the Deed, therefore, as you require one the other will always be with it. Please note that the Deed does not eliminate, change, or amend your birth certificate – the Deed is an addendum to your birth certificate and therefore must be provided together with your birth certificate when required.

For further assistance or queries regarding signing or storing your Change of Name Deed, contact Berkeley Solicitors on 0161-371 0011.

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