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What will it cost me to claim?

The general principle is that costs follow the event. I.e. the loser pays the winners costs. If we win your case, the defendant will pay all your costs. Only in the event of your loosing would you have to pay your opponents costs.

Minimising the risk of exposure to legal costs

We carry out initial risk assessments on all cases, however there are many pitfalls to be avoided to a successful win. We do recommend that where court proceedings cannot be avoided then After the Event insurance is taken out. This will be discussed with you where it is relevant.

No Win No Fee Agreements

Assuming your claim appears to have a greater than 50% chance of success, the most likely method of funding is a No Win No Fee Agreement also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. To summarise, these agreements mean:

  • We only get paid if you win.
  • If you lose we take the costs consequences.
  • To compensate us for taking the risk we charge a success fee which is additional to our normal private costs. This may recoverable from the defendant.
  • Insurance is needed where court proceedings are necessary.
  • Disbursement funding is required for the life of the case.

Other Funding Options

You may be entitled to other funding for your claim. For example a Trade Union membership or a Legal Expenses Insurance Policy. However, there is no longer any Legal Aid for Personal Injury claims.

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