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Fixed Fee Family Child Services

We have considered the views of our clients and are making available a range of Fixed Fee Family Services to assist in reducing the emotional and financial strains.


Fixed Fee Children Matters

Your initial meeting to provide detailed instructions including:

  • Completion of Children’s Act forms
  • Completion of C100 etc
  • File and serve forms
  • Position statements
  • Preparation for Court – £500

First Court Appointment incl preparation etc £1000

Additional extras:

  • Further preparation as required £350
  • Further Court Appointment for Directions incl Prep. £650
  • Final Court Hearing:

    • < 1 day ELH £1250 >1 day ELH per day or part thereof £1000
    • In Divorce matters for dealing with the Statement of Arrangements
      By Agreement only: £400

    All plus VAT and Disbursements

    Please contact Adrian Berkeley if you have any further questions.
    Tel: 0161-371 0011

    Remember, WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE!

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