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It always makes for an amusing story when someone tells you they have walked into a lamppost while texting or they have tripped over a kerb mid-tweet, but our smartphones are apparently to blame for causing us some serious injuries.

A recent study into injuries involving technology has shown that mobile phone-related accidents are very much on the rise, with more and more of us in the UK getting a little too distracted by our fancy smartphones and tablets.
The survey by SquareTrade shows that 37.2% of UK smartphone users have had an accident as a result of using their mobile phone in the last two years. A separate poll also found that 86% of UK smartphone users had succumbed to a minor trip or stumble when distracted by a mobile device.

It appears that the allure of staying connected to the web, text conversations and social media on smartphones is a far bigger draw to many people than actually concentrating on the street they’re shuffling down.

A large proportion of accidents are related to trips; however, there’s a wide range of other pratfalls, including walking into walls, lampposts, bollards and even a river.

The evolution of smartphones into portable media hubs is believed to be a big factor in the rise of accidents. More people use their smartphones on the go as a computer, causing them to become distracted and detached from the environment around them.

The issue is also rife in the US where it’s estimated more than 1,500 pedestrians have been admitted to A&E across America for injuries related to using a mobile phone while walking. Many researchers believe the actual number is much higher, but the accidents are not reported.

Safety Campaigns
While text-walking is proving to be a serious threat to a number of mobile phone users, government focus is still, for the moment, firmly focused on reducing mobile phone use in cars.

A number of high profile campaigns have been running warning people of the dangers of mobile use in cars. A recent study by the National Safety Council in the US shows that a quarter of all car accidents are caused by mobile phone users. That’s 1.6 million incidents.
The UK’s THINK campaign states that a driver is four times more likely to crash if they are using a mobile phone. The UK’s legislation for using a phone while driving has become far more stringent over the years; guilty parties could end up receiving a £2500 penalty or losing their license.

Figures reported to GPs could be a little skewed, with many patients not willing to admit that a mobile phone was the actual cause of their downfall.

At Berkeley Solicitors, we see many Trip & Slip clients. Unfortunately their case is not assisted when we are misled to believe the mobile was not an issue.

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